Cash Flow

We help clients generate retirement cash flow. We also help highly compensated employees make decisions regarding equity compensation & deferred compensation.


Proper types of insurance play an important role in your financial plan. We evaluate insurance companies to help you survey the options, assess costs and select the right fit.


Portfolio management plays the most significant role in achieving your long term goals. We help clients blend priorities of performance, risk aversion and low costs.


Coordinating your income situation with your investment and gifting decisions  will maximize the money in your pockets & minimize your IRS bill. 


Most people remember you because of the actions you take now. We help clients coordinate gifting to 501(c)(3) organizations, family members & trusts.


The current Federal Estate Tax rate is 40%. Many clients hire us because we can carry out the plan for you even after death & continue to serve your family.


As a Registered Investment Advisor, we don't operate with transaction costs, commissions or fee sharing with other companies. Each of our clients pay a flat pre-determined cost not based on your net worth or assets under management. We discuss this up front to be fully transparent. 



Generate & Manage Retirement Cash Flow

Some people live off dividends while others buy CDs & spend their principal. Many retirees diversify their investments & systematically withdrawal while others buy rental properties. There are many ways to generate retirement income and we help you make the best decision.

Equity Compensation & Deferred Compensation Plans

You have earned every penny of your income so we work hard to help you maximize keeping as much of your income in your pockets as possible. We recommend how to exercise, how much to defer and how long to delay claiming your income. 

Maximize Social Security & Pension Options

The uncertainty of the future of Social Security or pension programs is relevant, but we take a deep dive into the numbers to recommend which strategy is best for your circumstances. 



Savings Account

Not all savings accounts are created equal. We help clients make sure they have the right amount in a simple savings account for self insurance & ensure they are getting good rates. 

Property & Casualty, Umbrella Insurance

Even insurance agents despise having to shop around their property & casualty policies, but it is important, so we help clients do this. Since we don't receive any commission from insurance companies or agents, we are completely unbiased. 

Disability Income, Life Insurance & Long Term Care Insurance

You, your income & your assets are the most valuable portion of your net worth. Lets have an open conversation about your current protection to ensure that you, your spouse or family members are protected in unfortunate circumstances.

Health Insurance & the Affordable Care Act

Health insurance is a must because you don't want to get stuck with the $75,000 bill for those 48 hours in the hospital. Your high net worth doesn't exclude you from subsidies at 



Build, Manage & Protect your Wealth

Investment selection is critical to long-term success. We build your risk appropriate portfolio with a blend of investments to maximize performance while keeping fees low. Our goal is to keep your total investment cost below 0.20% with active and passive investments including stocks, ETFs, index funds & mutual funds.

Tax-Efficient Investing

Investing isn't about what you make, it's about what you keep. 

Investment costs and taxes are both a drag on your portfolio. We help you minimize taxes through tax-loss harvesting all year long, not just December like many advisors. We also minimize taxes by helping clients gift stocks to charity instead of cash.

Income Focused Investing

Many investors experience the luxury of having their cake & eating it too. Historically, blue-chip dividend stocks and alternative investments have participated in growth and provided income year after year. Whether you prefer CDs, annuities or income producing investments, your portfolio plays an important part in retirement cash flow.

Savings for College & Retirement

For our younger clients, our retirement & college savings analysis will ensure you're saving enough and using the most appropriate types of accounts. We help clients with decisions regarding their employer retirement plan, self employed savings options & build a strategy to fund the future for your children or grandchildren.

Alternative Investments, Private Equity & REITs

Not all investments trade on Wall Street. We can help you build your wealth outside of the stock market if you desire a portion of your net worth in alternative options.

Exit Strategy

Most investors gloat about their gains, moan about their losses & take no action in between. We constantly review your portfolio to peel off some profits and buy additional shares on "sale." We also help clients implement a sell strategy to manage the risks of major portfolio declines like 2008, 2001, 1990, 1987, 1962 or 1929.



Tax offset Strategys

Taxes can be lowered in three ways: increase deductions, increase losses or reduce taxable income. We help you know you're doing all three when appropriate.

Minimize Investment Taxes

Many investors get slapped with a big tax distribution from their favorite mutual funds every year in December. Some years, like 2015, these mutual funds had negative performance & still pushed taxable distributions onto clients. We help you stay away from these & other unnecessary taxes. 

The IRS has never ruled on whether two different S&P 500 ETF's (ie: IVV & VOO) are "substantially equal." Until they do, we will take advantage of selling one ETF during times of natural market pull backs & immediately buy another. This creates a taxable loss in the portfolio but allows you to participate in the market gain as it recovers.

Transfer Taxes

Many clients give throughout the year to universities, charities & religious organizations. If you gift highly appreciated stock instead of cash, the tax burden is taken off your hands. Fortunately, 501(c)(3) organizations are exempt from these taxes, so they don't have to pay the taxes either!

Maximize Low Tax Bracket Situations

In 2018, marginal income tax rates were lowered & the debt ceiling was raised. We are living during a time of historically low income tax rates which may not last long. We will help you analyze your situation to determine if it is appropriate for you to make higher withdrawals or Roth IRA conversions now to use low taxes in your favor. 

Become Strategic with Deductions

Some clients itemize their taxes one year & apply the standard deduction the following year. We can help you structure as many deductions into the year you itemize positioning you to make the most of the tax code. 



Give Smarter

Leaving assets to charity is a noble action but it can quickly become complex. We help you understand which investments to give during you lifetime, which assets to leave to charity at death & build an easy transfer process which ensures your gift gets to the charity without the charity having to complete lots of paperwork.

Family Memories

The reason we don't charge a fee based on the amount of assets invested is for this reason right here. Your legacy is a combination of the decisions you make during your life and at your death. Children, grandchildren & charities will remember the time they spent with you more than the money which you leave behind. Often times we advise clients to buy a lake home, ranch or vacation property to enjoy with their family. We feel the most important part of your legacy is the time you spend with family.

Utilize the Lifetime Gift Exemption

Many clients think the $11,200,000 Lifetime Gift Exemption is only available at death. The truth is that it often makes sense to use this exemption during your life.  

Maximize Annual Gift Exclusion

Separate from the Lifetime Gift Exemption, each person can transfer $15,000 to an unlimited number of people without any tax reporting. This provision can help you transfer small portions of your wealth to children & grandchildren during your life which allows you to see your family enjoy their inheritance.  

Gift Highly Appreciated Assets

Your highly appreciated assets have un-taxed capital gains attached to them. We help you decide which assets to gift now vs. at death to minimize the tax impact. 



Estate Analysis

We create an estate analysis to help you understand the value of your entire estate, not just your investment portfolio. 

Maximize Marital Trust Options

Proper estate documents can ensure you split the estate for estate tax purposes at the death of the first spouse without loosing control of the assets. 

Use a Non-Family Member as Trustee

We all teach our children as much as possible, but we don't all excel in all areas. When you are concerned about how a child may make financial decisions upon your death, it likely will be a blessing to your child if you select someone else to make financial decisions on their behalf. 

Trusts transfer your "values" to unborn generations

Many clients know their immediate family will not spend their wealth throughout the course of their lifetime. Trusts become critical because you are planning to leave wealth to grandchildren & great grandchildren who may not even be born at this time. Trusts do more than just transfer your assets, they can help instill your values of discipline, generosity & wisdom for generations ahead to family members you may never meet.